Free Reads

Here are a few of my longer stories that you can read for free.  They are hosted on

I hope this gives you a sample of my writing and if you like it, please check out my published books for sale at   JMS Books or most retailers of online literature.

Full length Novels:

                           Shepherd's Crook

It’s never easy being the new kid at school.  Gibby Robinson soon finds out that things aren’t always what they seem in this picture perfect town of Shepherd’s Crook.

                         Chasing the Shadows

Shade’s job is simple, catch the outlawed vampire, Garrett McQuinn. Can he still turn the sexy vamp over to the court, even when he starts to doubt that the man committed the crimes he's been charged with? Can Shade ever trust an outlaw with his life...or his heart?

**Warning: This story contains extremely graphic sexual scenes between consenting male adults.**

All stories written by KC Grim are copyright protected by law.
Do not steal them!
Plagiarism is a Crime!!!


  1. somehow, the sites you mention that hosted your free stories is blocked in my country. so, is there any possibility for you to post your stories here? pleaaseee....

  2. I know that was having some system problems tonight, if you still can't log on, send me an email. I might be adding the free reads to GoodReads in the very near future :)