Published Books

Two of my stories have been published by JMS Books.  You can purchase them directly through JMS or also find them at most online retailers.

Love is in the Cards

While working in his grandmother’s tea shop reading Tarot cards, Brishen Pakvora finds his world turned upside down when Marcus Emerson walks in. The extremely sexy -- and undoubtedly straight -- Marcus is there to find out his future. Brishen agrees to a quick card reading and hopes to dazzle the handsome man.

Brishen sets up an elaborate display to impress Marcus, but he’s shocked to learn more than he expected in the cards. Not only is Marcus getting ready to meet the love of his life in the very near future, but Marcus’ last cards reveal his future love interest will be ...
Brishen himself!

Secret romance and stolen kisses in the dark are thrilling at first, but can love grow when Marcus is too scared to admit he’s gay? With Brishen’s help, he explores the wonders of a new sexual adventure he never before imagined. Is he willing to commit to a relationship with another man? Or will the fear of losing himself to another drive the lovers apart?

Mr. Anonymous

For Percy Giannopoulos, coming out of the closet isn't an option. Until now, the handsome businessman has always been content with anonymous vacation hook-ups far from home. It was just random sex with strangers, but home alone in the big city, Percy turns to the internet, where he meets Max.

Scared of anyone finding out his true identity, Percy sets strict rules for this new online romance.
No names, no personal information, and most importantly, no meeting in real life.

But as Percy's feelings for Max deepen and he realizes he's falling in love, can he abide by the strict rules he set? Is Percy ready to finally come out for Max, or is he destined to remain in the shadows as Mr. Anonymous?

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