Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Fate Drops In" Free Book Givaway

PRICE: $2.99 $2.39
Save: 20% off

Genre: Erotic Romance • Fiction • Gay • Paranormal
Length: 7,063 words
ISBN: 9781611524802

It’s that time again.  I’m hosting another giveaway to launch the release of the second book in my short story collection, “Bump in the Night.”  It’s a collection of supernatural short stories, filled with erotic tales about sexy creatures in delicious bite sized pieces of flash fiction. 

“Fate Drops In” ~ Book 2 from the “Bump in the Night” collection.
Official Release date April 28th 2013
Life changes forever when young werewolf, Connor literally drops into a room full of Vampires. Werewolves and Vampires have never gotten along, before now. Can Connor fight his way out or will he find a hero in the most unexpected place? 

If you just can’t wait for the release...... JMS Books is holding a
pre-release sale.

Yes, you heard me! You can actually get it before anyone else AND its 20% off for 1 week only, but hurry the sale ends May 5th 2013! 


I will also be giving away a free copy of  “Fate Drops In.” 

Entering is easy! Just leave a comment below answering this burning question: 

How would you describe your ultimate hero? 

Your answer can be as long or as short as you want. There is no limit.  I love to hear what you have to say.  The winner will be chosen by random drawing.  Be sure to include your email address so I can notify the winner. 

(Contest ends at 12:00am, May 6th 2013 EST.  Message me with any questions.  Good luck to all J ) 

Thanks for participating,
K.C. Grim




  1. Hero... It's a head-scratcher. I'll dive in.

    For me, a hero has to be someone very noble. Not a prince or any royalty. But someone who thinks about others before about himself. That's why heroes are so rare in real life.

    So, he has to be noble. And he has to be powerful with some serious kickass powers (like Hollow Ichigo :D ) but he has to have a human, real side with pain and sorrow. Btw, I have a thing for sword-wielding heroes (I mean the Japanese Katana. Get your mind out of gutter, KC! :P) That's so awesome. :D


    1. Thanks so much for participating. Yes, heros are rare in real life that's why it's awesome when you find one! Thanks again! KC

      ( know I can't help it, LOL)

  2. My favourite colour is green NOT blue..
    what was the question again... Hero hero, who is my hero...
    Robin Hood - oh, he wasn't real...

    Just give the book to Ieshwar !!!! lol

    1. Silly bear! Robin Hood can be the model you set your hero after, someone good and nobel who is kind and giving....hmmmm? Besides Robin Hood from the movie was really cute! ;) Thanks for participating! KC

  3. Kevin Costner ?? I prefere the cartoon Robin Hood when prince John was a lion and Robin Hood was a fox ;) And my all time favourite - sir Hiss !!!

  4. Thank you so much Ieshwar and Slytherin for particpating. I feel you both get a copy of my new book! :) KC