Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Year and Big News!

Wow, its 2014 already? What a year this is shaping up to be.  2013 was such a freaking kick in the head (to be honest, so was 2012) They were both rollercoaster years with extraordinary highs and devastating lows…but 2014 is looking good.

Health issues appear to be behind me which gives me a shiny new lease on life.  Sooooo, 2014? Well, I just found out that I won, not 1 but 2 of the Reader’s Choice Awards at GayAuthors.  I’m thrilled.  I keep looking at the sparkly awards and think they are going to call me at any moment and say it was all a mistake, that they want their awards back! LOL


I’m working on finishing my story "Pour Me Another"  It was my main project for 2013 until I got sick and couldn’t work on it.  I have 2 chapters ready, but I’m not going to post until it’s complete to make sure there are no more interruptions. 


((Scratch my chin))

I’ve got so many writing ideas bouncing around my crazy mind, where do I start?

-          College Prostitution Ring

-          Supernatural Games of Life/Death

-          Young Adult Trilogy


-          Re-writing “The Secrets of Pimsim Cove”

-          Re-writing “Chasing the Shadows”

(Considering Independent Publishing with both these stories)

Wherever this year leads me, I’m just excited to be here.  I’m also going to dabble at some gardening once the weather warms up and also trying to put together a mountain bike ride/vacation.

Well, that’s my big plan! I will keep you guys updated on what projects I’m working on as they progress so check back soon.



  1. Glad you're feeling better! Looking forward to whatever you do this year!

    1. Thanks so much Scottie. I'm planning on some big stories for this year. I hope everyone likes them :) Kc

  2. I like the colours of your blog - black and purple :)

    1. Thanks Sly, I'm color challenged so JJ had to help me. The first time I tried it came out pink and not purple, LOL

  3. and if you are gonna re-write "Chasing the shadows" are you gonna add some sex scenes ??? LOL

    1. Really? You want more sex scenes?? You devilish little one!! :)

    2. No - just kidding :D
      And there is nothing wrong with pink, I love pink ! *hugs*