Sunday, October 28, 2012

Devil's Backbone

Yesterday was a lazy Saturday afternoon.  We had already finished our commitments and were driving home when my husband gave me a wrong turn.  I love him, but honestly the man has the worst sense of direction ever.  Quickly realizing the error, I looked for a place to turn around, but major construction on the highway led us further out into the country.  We had already eaten lunch, had plenty of gas and a few snacks so I figured, let’s make this into an adventure.
The autumn foliage was beautiful. The last leaves clinging to the trees shimmered with radiant golds, rustic reds, and warm oranges.  We pasted fields of harvest corn and wheat and farm animals and old turn of the century homes until we stumbled upon “The Devil’s Backbone.”
A breathtaking river that ponds before cascading over a waterfall.  It was breathtaking.  We stopped and walked the length of the trail beside the river. We watched the geese play in the water. It was perfect.  The last few months have been very trying.  I’ve struggled with depression and overwhelming sadness, but this place was so beautiful and it was nice to enjoy with my family.  It was unexpected and very welcoming escape from our crazy life.
Sometimes when life hands you a wrong turn, maybe it was the direction you were supposed to take in the first place, you just didn’t know it yet.


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    1. Thanks Sly, it has been a rough year, but this daytrip turned out so right! :)