Sunday, October 14, 2012

Spooktacular Time of Year!

Well as we are fast approaching Mid-October, I sit here watching the wind blowing the golden yellow-orange and fiery red leaves from the trees outside my window.  They flutter to the ground and swirl around in a beautiful, colorful flurry.
The trees have decorated my house for what should be a festive time year, because I haven’t.  Normally by this time, I would have pumpkins up, spider webs, my famous glow-in-the-dark footprints tracking across the front lawn…but I don’t.  I haven’t done anything spooktacular at all.

I’ve had a hard time getting into the Halloween spirit this year.  I usually love decorating for Autumn.  It is my favorite time of year, but since my Mom passed away a few months ago, I’ve been having such a hard time finding the joy in the simple things that use to bring me such pleasure.  Everyone keeps telling me that it will pass.  The first year after losing someone is the hardest.  Those first holidays and special dates are the most painful without them.

Today, I’m going to decorate! I’ve committed to it and I’m going to do it.  I know my husband and our child have been worried about me and they have tried not to push me, but my hiding away from the world is hurting them too.  As soon as I finish posting this, I’m gonna dig out the boxes of ghoulish decorations.

So, what is your favorite Halloween decoration? What is the one thing that you are known for doing to make your haunted home the most frightful house on the block?  Share with me your decorating tips as I try to jump back into the Halloween spirit.

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