Saturday, October 20, 2012

Field of Screams

I’m so excited! I can hardly sit still to write this!!!
Tonight we are going to ‘Field of Screams’ which is a haunted house attraction with a frightmare asylum and a haunted hayride.  I’m such a horror junkie.  I love scary movies and ghost stories, but to get my heart racing and blood pumping in the real life experience…well I’m excited to say the least.

We are also taking our teenage daughter and her best friend with us.  At first, I was concerned about my kid being so scared out of her mind that she’d end up sleeping in our bed for the rest of her life, but then I realized what a perfect cover it would be. Two teenage girls? I have someone to blame my girly screams on tonight! “What girly sniveling, sobbing screams of terror, Sir?” It wasn’t me! (Point to the two girls)

I’ve been slowly getting into the Halloween spirit.  The house got decorated last week like I promised.  So what about you, what is the scariest thing you have done to get that sensational feeling of being scared?

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  1. Hey KC Thanks for the pointer LOL. Nothing much frightens me, only thing I can think of is when nobody's here and things go bump in the night. It's as funny as hell though, When I do a blood curdling scream, through the lads window in the middle of the night. I've never celebrated Halloween like you guys do. Have fun :)

    1. Haha, Marky, you found the button! I'm sure that you give your friends enough frights during the year that you don't need a special date to celebrate. I'll let you know how much I...hmmm I mean the girls scream tonight ;)

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  3. We all screamed, but I was louder than the girls a few times! Walking through the haunted house, I felt someone pulling me backwards and thought it was one of the girls but this guy all painted in blood grabbed me! I walked out with half his make-up on the side of my face!

    It was a lot of fun :D